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Top 10 April 2016 Good job in April making me happy my puppets! This is the 2nd month I am going to rank my best puppets. This time and from now on I am not going to reveal the numbers though. I decided it is not necessary. I created $ levels instead. I intend to regularly update my website with new ranking post each month, to acknowledge my best submissive girls and boys and let you know where you stand. Ranking is based on amount spent in that particular month ( total for DHL, NF, Amazon and so on) and... Read more →

It has been a while since I updated.. life is busy and I am enjoying myself as well. After giving it some thought I decided not to post exact amount spent in the monthly ranking post but instead I created levels of C A S H Achievements in any given month. So be a G O O D B O Y and hike up the ranks every month! I thrive on making my money slaves, wallet boys surrender their wallets and bank accounts to me, rinsing their credit cards, making them take loans they can barely afford , just to... Read more →

If you are into foot fetish they my feet are to die for! I wanted to share a short story from my life from the past week. I go for a weekly massage and my massage therapist treats my whole body but gives special attention to my feet. I know that because I have been getting massages all my life and I can feel the difference. Last time I saw him I decided to start the foot fetish conversation. Me: So what happens when people with ugly feet come in? Him: You have no idea how often that happens. But... Read more →