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Foot Fetish

If you are into foot fetish they my feet are to die for!

I wanted to share a short story from my life from the past week.



I go for a weekly massage and my massage therapist treats my whole body but gives special attention to my feet. I know that because I have been getting massages all my life and I can feel the difference.

Last time I saw him I decided to start the foot fetish conversation.

Me: So what happens when people with ugly feet come in?

Him: You have no idea how often that happens. But the most surprising is how many women come in with dirty feet.  ( notice how he changed form people too women)

Me: are you serious?

Him: yes they will wear sandals and the dirt gets there and they do not care. I wrap them in a hot towel and pretend I am giving them a treatment , just to use them towel to scrub the feet clean. But what annoys me most is chipped nail polish. I cannot stand it. If I was not a FOOT GUY I would not be able to handle it. It is such a pleasure to work on your feet though!

Me: Well, you should be so lucky I come to you with my gorgeous and well taken care of feet..you should be paying me!

Him: I think  so too! How about we add 30 min reflexology to your normal massage next time and  you tell  me how it feels.

So, next week I am going to have my pretty  footsies pampered to the max!



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