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Top April Financial Domination Slaves

Financial Domination- New levels introduced



It has been a while since I updated.. life is busy and I am enjoying myself as well.  After giving it some thought I decided not to post exact amount spent in the monthly ranking post but instead I created levels of C A S H Achievements in any  given month.

So be a G O O D   B O Y and hike up the ranks every month! 

I thrive on making my money slaves, wallet boys  surrender their wallets and bank accounts to me, rinsing their credit cards, making them take loans they can barely afford , just to serve me better and more..

I train your brain.

you become a financial domination addict.

you  L O V E  I T


Here are the levels :

EMERALD 25 000 USD +

DIAMOND 15 000-24 999 USD

PLATINUM 5000-14 999 USD

GOLD 200-4999 USD

SILVER 1000-1999 USD

BRONZE  500-999 USD


All $ spent on me in any given month is accounted for, all calls, private sessions, tips and gifts sent ( shipping not included)

Good Luck to everyone! It's your new O B S E S S I O N

 Call my NF phone lines,send a NF tribute, get a DHL private session or tribute me on DHL , shop my wishlist or simply send cash!

Mistress Lilyan


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This sub had your page on his comp. He also has Very humiliating pics. Please respond if you want his info.


Just sayin hi

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