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Top 10 March 2016

T10 Top 10 March


This is the very first Monthly Top 10 and I intend to regularly update my website with new ranking post each month, to acknowledge my best submissive girls and boys and let you know where you stand.


Ranking is based on amount spent in that particular month ( total for DHL, NF, Amazon and so on) and the level of your loyalty / sacrifice as well.


For outstanding $pending , total of $35900 in March. What a good paypig he is! 

He has been serving me for 2 years now. Regularly and loyally. Truly addicted to financial domination and my control over his weakness.


2. AndyN Drunk pig , totally lost when it comes to forced intox and my voice commands during our parties. He parties every month, multiple times, while I rinse his bank account and credit cards. Total spend in March $1300 . His resistance when it comes to me is total zero!


3. Scottey  Well. he has been a trapped contracted slave for a long time now. Very pleased with Scottey in March Total spending $1000 and hours of forced intox sessions.


4. L.O.G. Steve, oh what an addict he is, has been addicted to financial domination for years. Steve has special fetishes and loves how I use them to make him my moneyslave. His total spending in March is $700


5. Mike Poppers - Years of  sniffing poppers to my command in our forced intox sessions. Multiple times a week, March was no different. But even better! I placed an add on backstage for mikes empty holes. Very proud of my cock sucking slut!  Total spending in March $650


6.Adam  - Even when on vacation with his wife, no internet connection on a 3 week cruise, he was able to tribute while docking at destination cities. G O O D  B O Y ! That is what I call a very good moneyslave. No excuses! Total sent in March $640


7. Andy Toy - such a good girl in March, weak to the point of no return, andy knows I own his life to his last breath. Total spent in March $630

8. Alex , addicted to my feet, spent $560 in March to worship my feet on cam. Good weak paypiggy. My feet are delicious and it is so easy to get hypnotized by them, wanting to spend hours staring at them.

9. Matty - weak from the moment he called my for the first time... my whispering soft voice puts him into trance, he gets hypnotized by my brainwashing words, making him tell me all of his secrets and indiscretions. March spending $520

10. LoserEd - teamviewer junkie, he loves when I take over his kitchen computer, while it is right there in open view,perhaps his wife uses it .. He pays me for the thrill of not knowing if I decide to speak to her one day. Total spent in March $500


Perhaps you were very close to ranking in March, try a bit harder and see if you show up in my top 10 list soon!

Call my NF phone lines,send a NF tribute, get a DHL private session or tribute me on DHL , shop my wishlist or simply send cash!






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