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Miss May Contest DHL has started a monthly contest and I am currently #1 model of the month (FOTM). Lets keep the position! All credits spend on DHL ( private session, phone calls, tips and tip target contributions ) count. Fan club joins as well. Link to my profile (bookmark if you haven't yet) Every $ you spend in May moves your chances to rank in my Top 10 Submissives for May ! Read more →

Top 10 March This is the very first Monthly Top 10 and I intend to regularly update my website with new ranking post each month, to acknowledge my best submissive girls and boys and let you know where you stand. Ranking is based on amount spent in that particular month ( total for DHL, NF, Amazon and so on) and the level of your loyalty / sacrifice as well. 1.Steve123 For outstanding $pending , total of $35900 in March. What a good paypig he is! He has been serving me for 2 years now. Regularly and loyally. Truly addicted to... Read more →