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Christian Louboutin Madame Claude Peep-Toe d'Orsay High Heels you all know I have this desire for exquisite footwear... and I keep adding beauties like these to my collection. I could not resist these high heels! They expose my foot in a perfect way, don't they? you must agree even if foot fetish is not your weakness. The arch, toe cleavage and delicious peep toe to let you glimpse at my manicures toes. I realize they will seduce many of you into submission and possible ruin, and that is exactly the thought behind buying them. Be aware of the power of... Read more →

Forced Intoxication is so much fun and one of my favorite subject in sessions with my subs. I enjoy the power I have over them, and always wonder how low will they sink today.. Sinking in alcohol, poppers , smoking and more.. is losing their control and accepting I will take charge and know what is best for them. RIGHT! I always know what's best for my boys, don't I boys? WHAT DO YOU NEED BEFORE THE SESSION Make sure you prepare yourself right for forced intoxication session: Make sure you have enough time, you don't have to drive anywhere,... Read more →

The Supreme Female you long to serve. Welcome to my world! Its tempting to enter and impossible to leave... I Am the S U P R E M E Highness of Seduction, Devine Princess of Paypets, Lovely Queen of Losers, Princess of Shopping Slaves, Ultimate Financial Domination Mistress....The One and Only Mistress Lilyan. I'm a E X Q U I S I T E . I'm a G L A M O U R Girl. I'm a Bitch and I'm a Goddess. I'm here for My pleasure only. I will seduce you into my feminine world, where I wrap your... Read more →