Can you be disciplined? It pays off.
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Updates on my submissive boys, puppets and robots

It has been a while since I posted an update on my boys and pet their heads , good boy, good girl, well done.. But that doesn't mean I do not notice the efforts you put in making me happy with you..

I keep taking notes on your achievements and failures, do not worry, it has always been tracked.

The updates below are not in any specific order, just randomly selected boys I write about so if you are not mentioned keep coming back for future updates and perhaps you need to impress me a bit more?

andy drunk pig - One of my favorite sessions with andy, and they happens at least once a week but quite often we meet more than that. ForcedIntox1

Forced intoxication with alcohol and poppers. When I say intoxication , it is till the end, usually till andy pukes or passes out. I do not see any reasons to finish earlier!

The forced intoxication sessions are combined with mindfuck and financial domination, usually leaving andy rinsed out of hundreds of  $$ per session. Getting deeper in debt each  time he gets horny. That is how things should be! Never ending debt.

If you follow my twitter you have seen many nights when I post a picture that andy takes for me, a started ritual for us, his bar all set to party!


mike poppers - a popper addict that I transformed  from straight to cock loving, cock sucking , cum eating slut. It is still a process , the feminization is progressing , varies from dresses and wigs to hormones and shaving clean. I enjoy the process tremendously , its is so entertaining and we talk on a daily basis.

mike has been a good poppers slut for years now, and we are progressing , adding weed into his routines, going to add more in the future too. That is my plan.

Most recently mike send me a nice gift certificate to use towards a surprise faggot package delivered  to his house or his office. He does not know when, where or the content. I cannot wait to shop for it!  I plan on doing it this week, so it will be delivered by the time I get back from Caribbean.


Danny UK   sweet addicted boy who cannot resist the urge to feel used and financially pushed to the limits with his girlfriend sleeping next to him. So far D has spent thousands and keeps coming back to get himself rinsed more and more. And he knows I feel no guilt or remorse. So I will take every little penny, the more I take the more excited D gets.

I enjoy pushing him against other pay pets to compete with tributes. Instant gratification to the max!



Ksub NEW

andy girl - well, andy has been a naughty girl , with her weakness and lack of self control. Whenever andy strays I punish her a little, but I think I need to punish her more this year! she has so much to lose, I cannot imagine the risk of misbehaving again not thrilling but scary enough to keep the pants up! remember andy  as my property, I make your decisions and you  just nod your silly head in agreement with whatever I say. Stick to the Plan.




Drunk Steve



e  makes me laugh when I think of e. e wanted to break free from the addition, and got himself a girlfriend. Little he knew  ( or he knew but decided to play naive ) that this kind of addiction, running deeply in his brain cannot be stopped. Plenty of my readers will agree. If you have tried to stop your addiction to being submissive, drug use, the thrill, the adrenaline, the excitement to be used as entertainment and controlled  - that you cannot get anywhere else, and that is why you are always back tot he lifestyle and your wonderful habitsso is e, now having to deal with hiding his exciting side from his new girlfriend. How long will that last?

nim -  so  I think of e and him getting a girlfriend ( above) it reminds me of nim.. Addicted to poppers and orgasm control, my hypnotic voice and my intoxicating brain. n has been calling me for a couple of years now.. always coming back. Till one day he announced he got a girlfriend. HAHA another naive one. I  told him what I really thought abut it, but he said  he was in love and all that romantic stuff, that his priorities change and this is his new life. Soon after he got married. Once he did that, it was not long when he started calling me again whenever he was able to get away. Like I say, you can hide but you cannot run. Hide only for a bit because the need to misbehave will finally get to you. He felt trapped in that marriage, not able to be himself, explore his addictions with me..hear my voice when needy.  So what happened? n is divorced today. That  marriage lasted less than a year I believe. Do not be so naive next time n.

Sissy Sam - One of my most entertaining sissies. When Sissy Samantha is playing, it is a show! Costumes, make up and forced intox quite often. I am actually really looking forward to time spent with Sissy Samantha, and I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt next time. The stories, the dildo used as a handle to open a drawer that remained closed for years, because nobody could get it to open.. all the fun stuff .. But Sissy Samantha still needs to build up some more courage to accept that her dick sucking skills need to be shared with the desperate lonely dicks that go to gloryhole places looking for love and warm mouth. Right Samantha?


and more to come.








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Sissy Samantha

Right Mistress 😛😛

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