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Voting is free. Click to VOTE here: All registered users can vote ( includes basic account) VOTING ends DEC 31 2015 You can vote 1 per day . Prizes: 80 or more votes- you get 5 min private show deal + 10 days fan club 60-79 votes - you get 4 minutes + 5 days of fan club 40-59 votes, you get 5 days fan club Perhaps you are not interested in participating and reaching the prizes, I hope I can still count on your daily votes. Each vote gets me closer to the top in Viewers Choice! You can... Read more →

Andy and I go way back, about 3 years now, and his addiction to me only gets stronger. Andy does have a very entertaining fetish. I am not going to go into details of our sessions, that is way to precious and juicy for a public eye. But I decided to use some of the trilling facts of his relationship with me to tease my readers and make them realize how fulfilling sub's life can be. Andy need attention, needs the place to be REAL. Not the Andy he puts on every day when he goes to work, not the... Read more →