Orgasm control, tease and denial via KIIROO ONYX
Can you be disciplined? It pays off.

Andy's life and My PERFECT Master Plan


Andy and I go way back, about 3 years now, and his addiction to me only gets stronger. Andy does have a very entertaining fetish.  I am not going to go into details of our sessions, that is way to precious and juicy for a public eye.

But I decided to use some of the trilling facts of his relationship with me to tease my readers and make them realize how fulfilling sub's life can be.

Andy need attention, needs the place to be REAL.  Not the Andy he puts on every day when he goes to work, not the boss of a company. Not the Andy that makes appearances and arranges events.

My Andy is the REAL Andy, and lets leave it at that.


I have been collecting blackmail info on Andy for years now , as agreed, as it is definitely one of his fetishes.

Pieces of info ll over my agendas every year, email contest , note here and note there, pin on a message board.. Time to grab a cup of coffee and collect every bit of info I have already gotten and put it in one safe place.

While I could do it in a digital form, yes it would be handy, but I am a big fan of a hand written note.


So to Andy's thrill, I found this notebook , The Master Plan, and I immediately thought of him. 

When Andy entered my life, he was hoping to establish a relationship with  Dominant woman , that would take charge of his life and ruin it in the end. Sounds perfect to me!

This book will be very dangerous, will contain every bit of dirt from his past as well and future fuck ups, details, personal data and much more.. my comments, his fetishes.. if one day I decide to turn that book into someone else's hand, it could ruin Andy's life.


The information I have could easily remove him from the work line he is in. Who would trust a drug addicted pervert?


But while his ruin is the plan, the very last bit of it, the way to get there , is a bit different. I have my Perfect Plan for Andy.





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