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Forcedintox Session with TP





That goes for any contest on on the site with a cash bonus.

If I win a contest, the biggest spender on that contest day ( midnight to midnight - unless stated differently) will receive a 30 min deal for FREE ( however you will need 120 credits to activate the deal) SOCIAL PRIVATE SHOW.


It will be our time alone to get to know each other more. Over a cup of coffee in my office, or glass of wine.

You can use the deal any time you wish during 3 months. It can be time set outside my normal schedule, if pre arranged with me by email. ( no show on your part voids the deal)

Or you can use the deal when I am on cam during my regular nights.

What a SOCIAL show IS NOT?

No sexual nature, no outfit request etc. I want to connect on a personal level not a performer level with you during that time.

Good luck to you all , and thank you so much for your support in summit ranking! We are currently #11 in summit contest. While I will try to move up, it it is VERY hard to do so, there is another contest in August. All credits count.

If you have any questions regarding the contest winner, or social show, please email

How do you know if there is a contest going on?

you can follow me on my cam twitter  and check here for current promo:


Bookmark these for easy reference.

Mistress Lilyan


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