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Like every year, from Jan 1 2014 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it... Read more →

Shoes speak louder than words. These are fabulous ,aren't they!? I could not resist little shopping today so I selected a pair of Christian Louboutin's of my wishlist. Why not spoil myself? Awesome feeling. "Her superfine stiletto heel makes "So Kate" one of the most delicate of all Louboutin pointed toe pumps. Her dramatic pitch provides with a supremely sexy silhouette. Ultra-chic black patent leather version,sky high pump. Heel height : 120mm See more colors here: CLICK I know you are drooling over them, sissies want to put them on, shoe lovers want to see me wearing them! I will... Read more →

I know I know! you have been craving updates on my website, I get tons of emails and DM on twitter requesting posts on my website/blog. Life has been busy, very busy.. Mostly with my contracted and regular robots, addicts and puppets, but also I am doing cam chats 4 times a week, so that takes a lot of my time. There has been some changes this year , I no longer offer skype sessions, unless you are already established with me. Cam sessions are only available during my cam hours posted here: LIVE CAM SCHEDULE For more details on... Read more →