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♥♥♥It's Valentines Day coming ! Actually it is going to be a fun weekend! Please take some time to read the whole memo, you don't want to miss on details on prizes! Even if you are not into Valentines Day Celebration, you can score great savings ♥♥♥ If you adore me, please send me at least 1 heart on Saturday Feb 14th! If you can't do it on Sat, any day till Sunday Feb 15 is good! It's 50 credits /heart in MY LIVE VIDEO CHAT , click here for link or via gift page here What can you... Read more →

It's that time of the year again! my darling robots, sissies , paypiggies and subs. Aren't you blessed that every single one of you have ME in your life to celebrate this wonderful , ohhh so romantic day ? you should not need any other reasons to spoil me! but if you get thrilled just thinking about being blackmailed but do you really want to do it? As always it is consensual. If you chose not to follow the rules you every bit of info I have collected from our conversations or emails are at risk. Yes! The same info... Read more →