My luxurious and decadent vacation..
Exclusive Christmas Financial Domination Experience

Royal Christmas Blackmail Party 2014 !

Are you wondering if you are included? Are you wondering if I meant you when I used that magic word BLACKMAIL ? Yes! 

Summer2014A 511

If you are not making me happy and you should be, you should be punished, isn't that right?

Christmas is that time of the year where you are expected to spoil me rotten, all of my subbies, robots, contracted or not. If you have been serving me , if we have ever had a phone call, session ( video or chat ) or you are a newbiew wanting to start, you better take notice.

(if  we never played before, it is high time you surrender to my seduction and give me your information!- get and play my videos)

Buy from Mistress Lilyan through

Buy from Mistress Lilyan through

 Are you willing to risk your peace of mind? I would not! I know you are smart and will follow these party rules:

 By December 24th 2014, you will purchase a gift/gifts of my wishlist for a minimum of $100 ( shipping not included)

Go ahead spend more! The one who spends the least amount of money , so closest to $100 will be exposed ! Do not be greedy. Impress me.

Here are my wishlists:


Neiman Markus

(they always have a free ship code- look for it)

If  by December 24 midnight I do not receive your gift confirmation by email, you might be exposed!


I will give you a chance to edit the post when I speak about you, but the administration fees for my time  will cost you $400 tribute

also consensual! if you don't want to to happen, start shopping:)


now you see it is fully consensual, and you  have the cards in your hand, how are you going to play it?


Mistress Lilyan

copycats - come up with your own ideas please! Blackmail game parties are only at!



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