Royal Christmas Blackmail Party 2014 !
Blackmailed ?

Exclusive Christmas Financial Domination Experience

 you all know that financial domination, moneyslavery is my biggest turn on!  I couldn't resist but create this one of a kind wallet rape experience for both of us.


I know you dream about being rinsed till it hurts, not only from what you have, but also maxing out your credit cards.

I started offering this ultimate experience for the most experienced moneyslaves, or those who want to step up their game last year and the thrill was so huge for both sides, I am now presenting this offer publicly.

It will not be available to just anyone, you need to prove yourself before hand, so the sooner the better !

The amount that you will need  starts at $1000 minimum and there is no maximum.I decide when we stop shopping. Perhaps till we reach the maximum of your every card!

It is online experience , that you will never forget, maxing out your credit cards one by one.. leaving you broke and in debt , for months to come, paying of credit card bills while I am enjoying my luxurious gifts.

We will be buying Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Kate Spade and much more!  Spending on lingerie, shoes perfume, beauty and leather goods. Sunglasees and jewelry. Whatever I like to have.

As you may know I just bought a new mansion, that is being decorated, plenty of stuff that can be purchased for my new home too! 

Here is what needs to be arranged before:

- you need to have good credit ( that's a must ) or a lot of pre paid credit  cards or high paypal balance.

- you will apply for store credit cards in the following stores

Macys, Z Gallerie, Neiman Marcus , Overstock,  Nordstrom,

Saks Fifth Avenue,

Victoria's Secret

-you will then create online accounts for these stores.

-you will send me the information about your credit available, in detail, by store name etc.  to


If you are not able to apply for credit card stores listed above, perhaps because you are not living in USA or Canada, do not worry! I will gladly rinse your Visa, Mastercard or Amex for luxuries !

Just have a look here, imagine sending me ....

sexy... seductive...

this is purely online experience and you are not getting to meet me. There is no cam involved. I am not putting on a show, because you are spending money. This is pure moneyslavery. Embrace the pain of money disappearing from your accounts.

I will rinse you and move on to another victim of financial domination, leaving you alone and broke , to focus on paying off your bills for months to come. But you will have the memories of being financially abused by the famous Mistress Lilyan.

To arrange this ultimate wallet fuckery , email me , with details, details.. I am not going to answer 1 liners . Do not send me copy paste emails either. They will be ignored.

Impress me.


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