Exclusive Christmas Financial Domination Experience
Valentine's Day Blackmail Celebrations 2015

Blackmailed ?

Dear Mistress Lilyan. 
042I have read your post about the 2014 christmas blackmail party. I didn't know if had anything to fear. Still I was a bit frightened. It was a cost I didn't calculated with. But still I would like to be on the safe side.
The problem is that i didn't see a safe side. If didn't send a gift I might be exposed, If send to small a gift, I might be exposed, If I spend to much I might not be able to pay my other costs (There usually comes so many bills to me this time of year ). I don't know if this purchase is a clever thing to do. I might not have been exposed anyway, I might be exposed anyway. I might lack money in a short time.  
If you feel you have to expose me I will beg to be polite you to consider:
I did spend a little over double the minimum for the game
I have spend money on something I did not thought i was going to spend money on
I did spend money on a gify you without asking if it was really necessary.
Merry christmas.
  Slut Erfws


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