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Dear Mistress Lilyan. I have read your post about the 2014 christmas blackmail party. I didn't know if had anything to fear. Still I was a bit frightened. It was a cost I didn't calculated with. But still I would like to be on the safe side. The problem is that i didn't see a safe side. If didn't send a gift I might be exposed, If send to small a gift, I might be exposed, If I spend to much I might not be able to pay my other costs (There usually comes so many bills to me this... Read more →

you all know that financial domination, moneyslavery is my biggest turn on! I couldn't resist but create this one of a kind wallet rape experience for both of us. I know you dream about being rinsed till it hurts, not only from what you have, but also maxing out your credit cards. I started offering this ultimate experience for the most experienced moneyslaves, or those who want to step up their game last year and the thrill was so huge for both sides, I am now presenting this offer publicly. It will not be available to just anyone, you need... Read more →

Are you wondering if you are included? Are you wondering if I meant you when I used that magic word BLACKMAIL ? Yes! If you are not making me happy and you should be, you should be punished, isn't that right? Christmas is that time of the year where you are expected to spoil me rotten, all of my subbies, robots, contracted or not. If you have been serving me , if we have ever had a phone call, session ( video or chat ) or you are a newbiew wanting to start, you better take notice. (if we never... Read more →