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Proper LIVE CHAT etiquette

I was recently asked about proper chat etiquette in my live room by jsr, and I was inspired to create this post.

Most of you behave very well, but some fo you stay quiet now knowing where to start or how to behave. This post is meant to help you to get involved more in the live chat experience.

1. My best fans in blue color ( there are members of my personal site on top of the regular chat site ) . They are the most dedicated people.  you can easily join the group. Feel free to talk to them, they will most likely enjoy getting to know a new member and guide you though site options. They have been there for a while so they will know all tech  questions regarding the site functions, so go ahead , ask them!.

2. Please pay attention to the screen. If it shows my video and I am active in chat, means the chat is free and I can read what you type. When the video changes to curtains , means I am busy in a private session , and  you cannot see my video, nor I can see what you type. Either sit and wait / chat with others or come back in a while to see if I am busy. If you are in  a hirry and need to leave, you can ask other members to pass your goodbye to me.


3. Address me propery. Mistress, Goddess, Princess,Miss are accepted. DO not call me babe or bb . Not cool.  Always speak to me with respect. Let others learn from you. If you notice somebody misbehave, I will handle them. I have  eject and ban button to get rid of unwanted chatters.

4. What to talk about?  I do not get into personal relationships during free chat, that is reserved for private communication. So there is no individual sub traning / tasks / role pay going on in free chat room. On occasion I may have some tasks for my subs, but that is happening on my timetable. If you have individual fetish requests , you want to get involved with, you will have to see me in Premium (private ) Show. That will take credits. They are easy to buy, just follow the instructions in chat. Or ask any of my blue guys for instructions.

5. Be generous with tips when you can ,in appreciation for my time  on line. Yes, it is free chat , however I chose to spend my free time with you.. I could be doing 10 other things at that time :)   Especially during contest to help me win cash prizes. I announce contests I participate  in on personal fan site with advance, so you can prepare yourself, and stock up on credits.

6. Ask me general questions , that will help you , and others watching, get to know me better.

7. Add your own 7th via comments, if you think I missed soemthing or you want to add something.

Give it a try:) it can be a fun experience.

If you are not a member of my live chat, sign up here CLICK NOW  , Premium accounts  are free and get 120 free credits that you can use as a tip or go experience Premium Time with me ( thats where it is me and you only) . Enjoy!

Follow my Twitter account dedicated to cam room LilyanOnCam

Mistress Lilyan


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