4th Annual BoyToy Report for 2013 ,Pink and Black Book Awards
Valentines Blackmail Party 2014

Valentines Day: Queen of Love

There was a change  in contest, it will be Saturday Feb 15 , not Friday Feb 14.

So hold back till Saturday:) Then go wild!!! 


Marilyn valentine4

♥♥♥It's Valentines Day coming ! Actually it is going to be a fun week! Please take some time to read the whole memo, you don't want to miss on details on prizes! Even if you are not into Valentines Day Celebration, you can score great savings ♥♥♥

If you like me, please send me at least 1 heart on Saturday Feb 15th!

in MY LIVE VIDEO CHAT , click here for link

I am participating in contests , and to make it a win/win for us both here is what I prepared if you want to help me win Queen of Love Title!!

Saturday Feb 15  2014 ( midnight to midnight EST )

Tip Me a Candy Heart and get into a Raffle! 50% of tickets win! (rules at the bottom)

All tips will be counted and you will receive a show at lower rate for the amount you tipped! SO tip Saturday , Feb 15 , and it is all exchanging for private time at discounted rate (check more details on the bottom)

 0-499 private at 50 cpm

 500-999 exchange at 45 cpm

1000-1999 exchange at 40 cpm

2000-4999 exchange at 35 cpm

5000-9999 exchange at 30 cpm

10 000 + exchange at 25 cpm

I am trying to win contest on Saturday Feb 15,so all these credits will help me big time!

Additonal Raffle Rules:

Only tips as Candy Heart count to raffle!

User with most hearts on Feb 14 2014 will automatically  become  My Valentine !!!! and  win 1.5 h at 10 cpm reward time. Can be used at once or split as you see fit. See redeem rules at the bottom.

All remaining hearts will be entered into a raffle: 50% of tickets will win 10 minute private at 25 cpm!  That's 55 cpm less than my normal rate, and 25 less if you are a fan club member. If more of your tickets are winners, time will add up.

if you do not want to use your private deal, you can exchange it for  5 Fan Club Free each wining ticket.


Additional Rules :

All tip credits count to CPM EXCHANGE  (Tips and  Candy Hearts ) but if you tip in Candy then you are also entering  raffle to win additional prizes.

Exchange example: User tips 6000 credits, that falls into 30 cpm category, 6000/30=200 min private video time on DHL

compare my regular rate 80 cpm :6000/80= 75 min

No 10 cpm reward shows 10-15 Feb , sorry guys!

All winners will be notified by email at  site inbox.

Rewards do not expire. You can collect your prize anytime I am online , after Feb 15 2014.

To use your discounted time, please select the correct cpm under offer button.


Additional smaller contests

I will run every day ( Feb 10-Feb 15 )  from midnight to midnight:

Tip me a Candy Heart and receive 1 raffle ticket . Prizes: 

1 x 30 days free FC membership

5 x 10 min private at 10 cpm

Prizes will be drawn the next day when I am on cam.


 Contests I try to win:

Queen of Valentines ( most credits in total contest period Feb 10-15 2014 )  : To qualify I need additionally have 200 hearts and 30 hours in these 6 days combined. Prize $1000

Friday Feb 14  Promo $1000 prize (for top 5 models )

Saturday Feb 15  Promo $1000 prize (for top 3 models )

-There are contests every day 10-15 , but I picked one day to get maximum chances to win. So if you would like to help, please save the credit for that day.

Candy Heart Unique Collection:
- The top girl and guy who collect candy hearts from the most unique customers during the 6 day period will each get $250.

Candy Heart Total Collection:
- The top 3 girls and guys who collect the most candy hearts during the 6 day period will each get $200 .

I will be taking privates all week long of course, and I will do my best to be online every day , with most hours on Friday and Saturday .  I will be taking some breaks so please stay tuned on twitter when I will keep you updated when I am on cam..  Twitter link is on my bio.

Are you NEW?

If you are a new user to the site, I assure you it is safe , I have been there for many years. You will also receive 120 free credits when you add your account. 

If 10 new users registers via my bio  link ( clik for link )

 between Feb 10-15 2014 , and make any purchase ( even the lowest amount ) I will get $400 bonus as well.

Are you my boytoy already?

R E M E M B E R  your duty:  $100  gift for Valentines !

accepted via amazon wish list : click here

amazon gc or gift rocket to mistresslilyan@gmail.com

Only obedient boytoys will be allowed to keep their current session rates. All others will be raised.

 if you have any questions, email me mistresslilyan@gmail.com


dont forget codes if you are a VIP !





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