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Only few days left for my subs to please me with gifts for Valentines , so if you need a reminder consider it your final one.. Think what info I have on you, now think of what humiliating things I know about you.. Photos? Perhaps videos? Maybe your voice recorded? Dirty little secrets you wish me to keep safe? The safe is only staying s a f e when you keep thr owner happy! The fee is minimal , but, it occures 3 times a year; Valenties, My Birthday in July and Christmas. So, read again, then get shopping my... Read more →

There was a change in contest, it will be Saturday Feb 15 , not Friday Feb 14. So hold back till Saturday:) Then go wild!!! ♥♥♥It's Valentines Day coming ! Actually it is going to be a fun week! Please take some time to read the whole memo, you don't want to miss on details on prizes! Even if you are not into Valentines Day Celebration, you can score great savings ♥♥♥ If you like me, please send me at least 1 heart on Saturday Feb 15th! in MY LIVE VIDEO CHAT , click here for link I am participating... Read more →

From Jan 1 2013 I have been taking notes on my BoyToys and robots noting every little thing that would help them advance to Pink or Black Book.. I have written down every single gift/tribute they sent, every session the booked, phone calls and of course all failures to obey as well. It is not only about the $ spent but the level of loyalty and obedience they show towards me. It is hard to qualify for Pink book, even harder to be placed in Black book, so if you are not there this year, hope it is a motivation... Read more →