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Musings from Sissy Samantha Hello, Sissy Samantha here, grateful and fortunate to be owned by Mistress Lilyan. I say this because I had a really crazy idea recently. Mistress was on vacation for several weeks and when she returned she was on camera only once before being overtaken by illness. Yes, even our beautiful and brilliant Queen sometimes falls victim to the limitations of the human body, even a body as sublime as Hers. In any case my thought was, in light of Her extended absence, perhaps I should try to slowly wean myself off of this Goddess addiction. What... Read more →

1.Vacation is over. If you are close to me, you know I have been on vacation for a month and came back a week ago, but then i got sick.. I took this time to relax after such a crazy busy year and I am ready to come back fully recharged to control you in 2014. 2.Limited space. At this moment my list of robots I have interest in is full, so I will not be taking any new ones, unless for forced intoxication sessions or financial domination. Money slaves and intoxicated robots are definitely always welcome. When I mean... Read more →