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andy is such a sucker for poppers. his favorite is jungle juice. He is not much of a drinker, so forced intoxication sessions with andy are mostly based on poppers and feminzation combined with brainwash and creating this huge need for submission. andy loves me, and he knows I will never love him, right andy? that's okay with you, you know you are not a real man, a Perfect Goddess like me only needs robots like you to use them and entertain herself. That is all. But for you it may be a lifetime journey , lifetime submission, lifetime thirst... Read more →

Mike loves a fresh bottle! Nothing better than fresh strong fumes of some of his favorite brands. Here are some I recommend , based on my submissive boys experience: Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Rush, Sweat Pig and new Jungle Juice Black Label. you can buy poppers here, delivered discreetly to your house ( US only) . you can also purchase them in most adult stores. Going back to mike, this was a trip to an adult store and we turned his car into a booth! Sexy! He loves to get naughty any chance he gets, on the way to work, on... Read more →

by Sissy Samantha A Divine Experience I recently attended "I Am Divine", a wonderful documentary on the life and times of Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a., Divine. Divine was something of a cult star, playing female roles in many of John Waters' films, from the latter part of the 1960's until 1988's Hairspray. I also learned that Divine had starring roles in several Off Broadway plays in the 1970's, and has a number of albums to her credit as well. But for me personally this was such a fun night, as I went out in full Divine drag!! And what a... Read more →

Look at this idiot, after getting all fucked up drunk, he decided he needs more alcohol and drives to the nearest place to get some, whcih is like 10 min away.. and of course! Police stops him, he is soo fucked up he loses his license and his job as well. Useless paypig at this point! Time to dig into your retirementaccount now ! tim is so addicted , he will be bringing me money anyway, isn't that right tim? you are soo in love with your Goddess you cannot stop... and that makes me laugh even more, at you!... Read more →

I love my sessions with andy , he is very submissive in my presence. He has been serving me as a good girl for a long time now.. Close to 2 years andy! I know these has been most wonderful years in your life, you are finally living according to my plan for you.. and you love the plan don't you.. plan of complete control , take over and ruin eventually. you come to me like moth to flame.. I guide you every step of the way,, I helped you organize your closet, look how pretty is is! all the... Read more →

Mike loves poppers and if you have been a regular reader of my twitter account and my my website you will know there is nothing stopping him, he is soooo addicted , he lives for those moments spent with me.. We made countless trips to gloryholes, I think we covered every single one in his city already. On the image attached you see him creating his own collage, being dominated by me.. you can also see his toom in bathhouse , where he was told to strip naked and all of his closed are tossed on the floor. Yu can... Read more →