Sissy Tina is back
Feminization and poppers with andy

Forced Intox with Mike Poppers

Mike loves poppers and if you have been a regular reader of my twitter account and my my website you will know there is nothing stopping him, he is soooo addicted , he lives for those moments spent with me.. We made countless trips to gloryholes, I think we covered every single one in his city already.   


On the image attached you see him  creating his own collage, being dominated by me.. you can also see his toom in bathhouse , where he was told to strip naked and all of his closed are tossed on the floor.    Yu can also see him sitting in the car shortly before entering the  bath house comples, all under my command, told exactly what to do. He is not on a contract but his addiction is a leash that holds him tight to my controlling hand. Poppers help a lot, when you play forced bi, it can be such an intense session!

I offer all levels of foced bi and forced intox,  I can take you from the beginners to full ride flying high.

Mike is soo happy, I have been helping his addiction for about 3 years now, several times a week.. what about you? Have you always wanted to lose control? Are you ready to be sumbissive to a controlling Goddess and just get high and nod your mindless head ..following my commands without  thinking? if you are  leave a comment on this post with your email address and I may contact you.. Be as specific as possible. 

Ps. My ONLY email address I use is  for first contact with my subs. Do not contact any other addresses, you find on the web claiming to be me.





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Sissy Samantha

Yes, very exciting!! I expect to soon be embarking on my own glory hole excursions with Mistress Lilyan's brilliant guidance. I look forward to following Her commands, letting Her think for me. After all Mistress knows what's best for this sissy!!!


i cant do poppers but i love forced intox with Miss Lilyan, she exploits my weaknesses and has a plan to ruin me for life.

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