Humiliating you is my pleasure usedslut
Forced Intoxication, Poppers with andy

Forced Inoxication Poppers Shopping

Mike loves a fresh bottle! Nothing better than fresh strong fumes of some of his favorite brands.

Here are some I recommend , based on my submissive boys experience:

Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Rush, Sweat Pig and new Jungle Juice Black Label. you can buy poppers here, delivered discreetly to your house ( US only)  . you can also purchase them in most adult stores.   Forcedintoxication


Going back to mike, this was a trip to an adult store and we turned his car into a booth! Sexy!  He loves to get naughty any chance he gets, on the way to work, on his way back ,  in between work meetings. Poppers are awesome that way they get you happy high quick and then you can get back to your normal activities.  Do not use poppers on your own, make sure you have an experienced Mistress controlling your dosage , while it is legal and  fun, it needs to be supervised. 

If you purchase my yahoo  ID here , you can set up a poppers experience, on any level you wish, from beginner to most experienced level combined with other fetishes as well. I fully customize your experience after we chat first and  I learn about your kinks. 

My time is precious  so make sure you present yourself worthy to me. I do not answer 1 line emails.



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You are the best Mistress at forced intox ever, You understand it like no one else, i worship You.

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