Forced Intox with Mike Poppers
Stupid Drunk Slave Ruined

Feminization and poppers with andy

I love my sessions with andy , he is very submissive  in my presence.  He has been serving me as a good girl for a long time now.. Close to 2 years andy!   I know these has been most wonderful years in  your life, you are finally living according to my plan for  you.. and you love the plan don't you.. plan of complete control , take over and ruin eventually.  


you come to me like moth to flame..  I guide you every step of the way,, I helped you organize your closet, look how pretty is is! all the gowns looking so soft and feminine.. I am sooo addicting, you love to be a good girl for me..  you let me push your limits, you will do anything for me..  you love the poppers that make you forget  you have a brain, you get so weak, I easily wipe that brain clean, and make you one obedient robot..

Such a good girl. Such a Perfect Goddess. Perfect relationship. Next step in the plan : tattoo!

Would you like to be my sissy? Entertain me on camera? Email me, present yourself to me, make sure it as informative as could be, my time is limited so why shoudl I pick you?  My sessions are always paid sessions.

Ps. My ONLY email address I use is  for first contact with my subs. Do not contact any other addresses, you find on the web claiming to be me.



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Sissy Samantha

I like that closet Andy :). Time to organize my own sissy collection to please Mistress!!! I must be a good girl too! It is ever so satisfying to be obedient to Her isn't it? Makes me downright giddy just thinking about it. Keep up the good work and the popper fun Andy...

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