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Time to reveal the winners of my Semi Annual Challenge combined with Victoria's Secret ! all of my puppets had a chance to participate and I got truly spoiled! Here is the anouncing post , if you did not read it before. I received fabulous gifts, from lingerie to clothing and cosmetics. Participants were very good when it comes to sizes and colors, I was very very pleased and I am excited to reward the winners! Rewards: I am happy and spoiled! The Super Shopper SISSY SAMANTHA with most savings of $469.67 !! wins 2 h of my time online... Read more →

I have been training scotte for many months now and I see huge progress. Here are his own words.. Why I should never get Married: Women want real men. I am not a real man, I would feel uncomfortable trying to act like one all the time. My wife and others would see through it and know that something wasn’t right. They might not understand whats happening, but they would know I am not a real man. And look at me like I was some sort of weakling. Maybe eventually she would find out from the porn on my computer... Read more →