Sissy Samantha's Shopping
Brainwashed scotte to remain single

scotee's testimony

When I first met Miss Lilyan I was attracted to her because of the things she described on her

website, how she understands submissive, weak men, and how she enjoyed controlling their

lives and turning them into her puppets.  Some of the things I read scared me, because I had

been in a few online D/s relationships before, but they had ended horribly.  I never thought I

would be able to trust someone again.


Yet here I am, 6 months after signing a contract (something I thought I would NEVER do),

writing the story of how things have changed, and how it happened so slowly that I didn’t

even notice the changes until Miss Lilyan pointed them out to me. She has been so good to

me, going nice and slow, to keep me from getting scared, seducing me and using my own

weaknesses against me to bend me to her will and take more control over my life. I had been

terrified that I would be in a position like this with someone because of my past experiences,

even though I wanted it so badly – to be owned by a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman. It

snuck up on me, to be quite honest, how much things changed over time.

Now I trust her so much, not because I have to, or am commanded to trust her, its because she

has won my trust and my affection. She has kept all of her promises, never once going back

on her word or being unfair to me in any way. As my trust with her grew more and more, I was

doing things I told myself I would never do.  Going on camera for her, allowing her to record me,

signing contracts, signing a model release form, giving her more and more power over my life.

She has never once pushed me against my will or hurt me or lied or broken my trust.  It is why

I care for her so much and wanted to write this letter to help other submissive men. Miss Lilyan

is your answer and cure, she will not betray you, she will make you better again.  I am so happy

that I found her, I cant describe it any other way.  Out of all the possibilities, I could not have

ever found someone like Her.  Do yourself a favor, talk to Mistress Lilyan and trust your feelings

and instincts, she has saved me from a life of loneliness and misery, and gives my life meaning

and solace, it feels soooooo good to be owned.


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