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It is such a turn on to feel how much power I have over scotee. He is such a weakling and pushing him around , melting his mid with weed , just to mold it to my liking.. melting his resistance with my words, taking over his life, putting him on a path I planned for him.. Read for yourself my conversation with him about contract signing. Read more →

Love my cars! I have done some custom work on my convertible BMW 1 series. Carbonfiber hood , mirrors and changed the color of the rondelles all over the car.. no more blue, now they are black and grey. I am not sure I did update you guys on this car before. I sold my other BMW I got for My Birthday into something similar but little bit bigger to acomodate more shopping bags! I love it. Perfect summer car. Now what I need for it is the Wind Deflector to keep my hair in shape when I drive with... Read more →