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A real discussion between my subs in my live chat roomat

saber11: how long have you known her sonm?  016
sonm5x: maybe a year now
saber11: like popper you are already not the same i bet
sonm5x: its true
subredman: what does she do to you sonm?
sonm5x: i have these signs everywhere
sonm5x: all over my apt
sonm5x: over 50 now
sonm5x: i cant take them down
sonm5x: and have to send pics to her so she knows they are up
saber11: i just like to know where she gets her ideas
sonm5x: they are all brainwashing me
subredman: what are the signs?
sonm5x: ADDICT
sonm5x: LOSER
sonm5x: VICTIM
sonm5x: all over
sonm5x: everywhere i look
subredman: u live alone?
sonm5x: and once the security cam is up and running, she will know and watch how i get brainwashed
sonm5x: yes
subredman: are you in blackmail contract?
sonm5x: she keeps saying one day she wants power of attorney too
sonm5x: yes
sonm5x: but its only for 12 months
sonm5x: only...
subredman: that is intense, do you enjoy it?
sonm5x: yes
sonm5x: and no
sonm5x: but more yes
subredman: its sounds exciting
sonm5x: i feel like i am losing who i am and becoming what she is programming me into
subredman: has it effected you relationship with family and friends?
sonm5x: not yet
sonm5x: but i cant date any more
saber11: that will save you tons of money right there
sonm5x: LOL
subredman: what does she want you to become?
sonm5x: well... it will save Her tons hahaha
sonm5x: You really want to know? because its terrifying and freaks me out
subredman: yes i do
sonm5x: she wants to cage me, like a pig, and modify my ears into pig ears, and my nose, everything... and kept in a cage that she will charge people to view
subredman: ha, that is a bit unrealistic
sonm5x: it excites her to take away all my rights
sonm5x: it depends how much money someone has subred
sonm5x: and of course the will to do it, which she has in spades it feels like
saber11: i might want to pay just see
subredman: sounds like u are in deep
sonm5x: the one thing that gives me some comfort is that it will take a long time i think
sonm5x: but i think eventually it will happen if she wants it to, i am losing options to get out
saber11: there is always an escape clause
sonm5x: the funny thing is it ALL sounded like fantasy but now it all feels so real
saber11: or the hope of one
sonm5x: true, she always puts an out in the contract but its so so so expensive
subredman: has she taken much money from u?
sonm5x: yes, and has me on a weekly contract payment too
subredman: are u on her website?
saber11: look if it is any consolation it is way easier than marriage
sonm5x: i havent signed the relese for yet
sonm5x: form
saber11: and cheaper
sonm5x: lol saber you rock
sonm5x: the adult model release she keeps threatening me with, when i dont do what she wants or when i try to run, and that really scares me too
sonm5x: i cant sign that ugh
sonm5x: thats the thing, she is totally fair to me so far and totally serious about it, not lying to me etc like other dommes have in the past, and thats why i think i am so happy
saber11: it might be a good compliment the you would be an adult performer for her, i would be honered
sonm5x: lol
sonm5x: she says she will make money off of me even when i am not longer human lol
sonm5x: shes perfect
sonm5x: i am so happy she trapped me
subredman: you recomend her then?
sonm5x: omg yes if you like this kind of thing, there is no one i have ever met thats even close
saber11: there is one thing about Her and that She can make men s hearts race with such excitment
sonm5x: she had me trapped for weeks and didnt even tell me until i tried to run
subredman: i think i need some to control and ruin me
sonm5x: becareful what
sonm5x: you say...
saber11: because it will be even better than your wishes
sonm5x: she loves control more than anyone and doesnt like to let go
sonm5x: i bet she would ruin you nice and gently lol
subredman: im am so tempted
sonm5x: becareful she has powerful men already enslaved
sonm5x: that have to do what she wants
saber11: and She is so smart
sonm5x: so smart
sonm5x: thinks steps and steps ahead


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