3rd Annual BoyToy Report for 2012
Semmi Annual Victoria's Secret Challenge Summer 2013

Update on Mistress' Affairs!

 I have been busy as always,  but here is an update , in random order.

scotte : Singed a blackmail contract about 3 months ago and has been paying weekly fees like a clockwork. Well he does not have a choice, or  I should rather say , to pay is the smart choice:)

We went shopping on Victoria Secret a lot!  It is one of my favourite stores for casual clothing , great to lounge in and they have some cute and sexy dresses.  While we shop I always remind him what his place is and what my plan is for him. He is addicted and needy, needs me so much. Soo cute!


Our relationship is pretty intense and growing stronger, and kinkier. I would say the plan I have for poor scotte is edgy and extreme but it still possible. And to be honest,  I keep all of our conversations and his confessions, if that came out somehow , he would be locked in mental institution for a very long time.

Read  for yourself!


marco :

has singed a blackmail and teamviewer contract , and has been paying weekly fees like a clockwork as well . good job marco.


it is the same marco that I mentioned before on many occasions. Read more posts referring to marco

I have unlimited access to his pc via teamviewer and he never knows when  I will come on and what I will find there. I am not going to go into details about his contract but he is trapped!  I am discovering new things abut him that could really incriminate him in his reality. Again I have to say keeping me happy is  a smart choice:)

stevie :

stevie has been addicted ot me  for several years now. Comes to me on NF  , when he is drunk and needs to be milked. He just loves my soft voice whispering the amounts I want to milk right out of him.

Just recently in 30 minutes he beat his max  tribute , he spent $1700 just to hear me seduce him and take control of  him. This time I got a picture of his face , ice clear picture of my drunk stevie. 


Sissy Samantha : she loves  P I N K  so do I ! and she loves to dress up for me,  sweet and cute sometimes and horny and kinky other times. I have advised her to get a pink buttplug and good girl ordered one, it already addrived and sissy has been playing around . Samantha has been spoiling me with gifts, not only  pink ones.  I love helping Samantha explore her kinky side. Samantha owns a pair of pantyhose I previously worn, my used high heels and house shoes . Good girl. There will be more.



old idiot : coming to my live cam sessions and spending his  400 euro every time, to  be humiliated , laughed at and denied to cum, he is not a rela man, just an idiot who needs to eat dirt from my shoes. He loves high heels and my legs, and to humilate him, I denyhim seeing my legs in high heels, just wearing flats. He is lucky  I even stay in camera view.

luc: still paying his buyout from my blackmail contract  , well done boy.

he is very weak, and very addicted to me  , which I LOVE!  very needy and very scared, but also curious. That is what got him in trouble in the first place.


so much  to update so little time, next time!

xoxo Mistress






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