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Peek into my Royal Email; new foot slave wanna be

I saw Your website yesterday,i gotta say that i'm amazed with Your beauty,You are very,very gorgeous young lady,Mistress Lilyan.
I read Your site carefuly,every word,and then i decide to send You this message.
I'm 19,foot freak,puppy,worthless,     

pathetic,stupid little foot dog.
I'm a big fan of foot/sock worship,humiliation,trampling and everything about Femdom,i can't explain,but smell of girls sweaty feet/socks turns me on,it brings me down on my knees,i could stay on the floor all of my life,laying down,under Your precious feet,Mistress and sniffing them,while You humiliate me,kick me or just ignore my pathetic ass.


Mistress Lilyan,i gotta admit,i am poor slave right now,but i am trying to find a good job for myself,i'm also studying psychology and playing guitar/writing songs,poems,love photography,etc.
Since teen ages,i've been submissive,i remember,in school,how girls catch me in their toilet,sniffing wet panties,and then they locked the door,order me to lay on the floor,and start kicking me and gag me with those panties,while laughing at my situation,i knew from that moment,that i was born to be slave boy for a beautiful girls.
Mistress Lilyan,please,is there any way to become Your little foot puppy?
I just need to know,i will do all that You said on Your site,if i need,i wont even eat,i wont spend money on myself,i will promote you on internet,facebook,twitter,if You want i could make fb page for You,im going to parties,but if You order me,i will stop with that,just to be Your pathetic slave,i cant explain how much i need it,it's something i cant help,Mistress.
You are so perfect,so stunning,so gorgeous,so attractive,and i'm an worthless loser,who don't deserve nothing,only place under Your precious feet,begging You for just a little time for me.
Mistress Lilyan,i need girl to control my life,to humiliate me,to put me on my place,please,please,give me a chance to serve,to make You happy,it's something im living for,its all i need.
I wanna feel Your power over me,i beg for it,Mistress Lilyan,
Please,let me prove myself,i kiss Your lovely feet million times,
Honestly,stupid foot dog.


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