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I saw Your website yesterday,i gotta say that i'm amazed with Your beauty,You are very,very gorgeous young lady,Mistress Lilyan. I read Your site carefuly,every word,and then i decide to send You this message. I'm 19,foot freak,puppy,worthless, pathetic,stupid little foot dog. I'm a big fan of foot/sock worship,humiliation,trampling and everything about Femdom,i can't explain,but smell of girls sweaty feet/socks turns me on,it brings me down on my knees,i could stay on the floor all of my life,laying down,under Your precious feet,Mistress and sniffing them,while You humiliate me,kick me or just ignore my pathetic ass. Mistress Lilyan,i gotta admit,i am poor slave... Read more →

Sissy wrote: I love the feel and look of women's clothing, and I always have. But I suppressed those sissy desires for a very long time. But, with the help of the incomparable Mistress Lilyan, the sissyfication project is under way. Mistress is guiding me through the inevitable feminization process, and Samantha is bursting out in all her pink glory!! We have had two sessions so far, and I look forward to more. I do not know where Mistress will lead me, but I am a most willing follower of my Queen. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Sissy... Read more →

I think Sissy Samantha earned another shout out! Look at her! The wardrobe changes, her variety of outfits is growing , I am proud of my sissy. Shaves legs feel so much better when you put pantyhose or stockings on, all of you sissies should do that. sissy loves PINK and most of her clothes are pink and pretty~ The first time I saw sissy on camera she wore pretty light pink tutu dress. OMG I loved it! Sissy was so girly and giggly,Excited about shoing off .. She would walk in her high heels , show of a nice... Read more →

I LOVE getting emails form Sissy Samantha letting me know she is enjoying her sissy life . Shaved legs feel so good, I am proud of sissy .. Sissies should shave. Period! No excuses. Chest hair and bikini too. There should be no hair sticking out when she is wearing sexy panties. Speaking of panties, Sissy Samantha got me some of my wish list. Good girl! Read more →

this pathetic slave is coming to me several times a month , usually once or twice a week, begging to worship my dirty used shoes.. and begging to cum.. Well , I love to deny him that pleasure, every time, he leaves with blue balls and at least 400 euros milked out of his account. you think he would learn his lesson.. he is such an idiot, ke still hopes I will grant him my permission to cum one day. I love using him ,and showing him how I relax while he is paying for each and every minute laughing... Read more →

A real discussion between my subs in my live chat roomat saber11: how long have you known her sonm? sonm5x: maybe a year now saber11: like popper you are already not the same i bet sonm5x: its true subredman: what does she do to you sonm? sonm5x: i have these signs everywhere sonm5x: all over my apt sonm5x: over 50 now sonm5x: i cant take them down sonm5x: and have to send pics to her so she knows they are up saber11: i just like to know where she gets her ideas sonm5x: they are all brainwashing me subredman:... Read more →

stevie cannot stay away from me when he is home alone.. he usually grabs some wine and intoxicates himself while day dreaming about me, milking him in my P I N K room that makes him so weak.. every sparkle , every diamond in there makes him shake, and when stevie shakes.. he pays..cheers stevie~ empty that bottle! good boy.. TOTAL: $400 Read more →

its been more than 1 year since usedslut has contacted me begging to be allowed to serve me. Yes begging .. It was old good times when yahoo ping box was still there on my website.. ( now yahoo does not provide that service any more ). usedslut did it the right way though. he read my website and understood that begging does not work with me unless it has some financial background , so before he started talking to me, he went to my amazon wish list and purchased 2 nice gifts. That certainly got my attention. and year... Read more →

Hello! As many of you know July 13 is my birthday and I love to celebrate in style! This day of the year a girl wants to be spoiled and feel the whole world celebrating.. That is my wish this year! Join in celebrations and make me happy... This is P E R F E C T chance for you to show your love and spoil your Queen , isn't it why you were find your ONE AND ONLY and keep Her happy? This year I plan a fabulous LUXURIOUS Birthday! I would LOVE to start a tradition, a... Read more →

you know I LOVE Victoria's Secret and I know you LOVE to spoil and please me. I decided to give you this treat - an honor to take a part of this Summer VS Challenge. As you may know Victoria's Secret semi sale starts on line and in store in June . Sales up to 90% off! Here is what you will do - you will go to the store/online and purchase items for me - but the challenge is, to get the highest amount in savings! So if you pick a pair of panties for $30 on sale for... Read more →

I have been busy as always, but here is an update , in random order. scotte : Singed a blackmail contract about 3 months ago and has been paying weekly fees like a clockwork. Well he does not have a choice, or I should rather say , to pay is the smart choice:) We went shopping on Victoria Secret a lot! It is one of my favourite stores for casual clothing , great to lounge in and they have some cute and sexy dresses. While we shop I always remind him what his place is and what my plan is... Read more →