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2012 BoyToy Report For the 3rd time I took a little break in my busy life to remember 2012 , that has been fabulous for me and many of you who were able to serve me, get to know me , and get closer to me. Just being a part of my website brings you closer, if you read my posts regularly you will have a good idea of who I am. But some of you are lucky to get the honor of hearing my voice, watching me live ..speaking to me, and being seduced deep into my web. I... Read more →

I adore Chanel designs , and adding new items to My CHANEL COLLECTION is always fun! I took mikes black visa card and spent his money on myself! Yes feels amazing, mike works hard running his business , not an 8 h job, more like 16 a day.. what a working bee .. But I am Queen Bee , and I take what I want, and I wanted some Chanel! What girl could resist? "Chanel Eyewear The classic brand, made famous by its creator, the sultry and stylish Coco Chanel, has never gone out of fashion. In fact, sunglasses with... Read more →

so excited about this new ring from Vera Wang! “My design philosophy is rooted in the classics. I believe in simple, elegant designs, that enhance the beauty of any bride. Its timeless design will be treasured for an eternity, and features blue sapphires, a unique design statement, and symbols of everlasting love. I am thrilled to share this exclusive design with you.” –Vera Wang matty has been very good boy , putting his entire tax return towards this $3000 ring to add to my DIAMOND COLLECTION . he could have spent that money on himself easily, but he wanted to... Read more →

Sissy Samantha has been in her closet for 25 year or so, high time to be out, don't you think? I know how I enjoy this change in J, now Samantha.. I still enjoy J , but Samantha is going to be an important part of his life, and I am helping her to come out. I was shocked when J , who has been serving me for over a year, purchased my sissy assignments! OMG! you can buy the sissy tasks here: I have a plan for this PINK loving sissy , I will PINKIFY her life! Look at... Read more →