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3rd Annual BoyToy Report for 2012

2012 BoyToy Report


For the 3rd time I took a little break in my busy life to remember 2012 , that has been fabulous for me and many of you who were able to serve me, get to know me , and get closer to me. Just being a part of my website brings you closer, if you read my posts regularly you will have a good idea of who I am.

But some of you are lucky to get the honor of hearing my voice, watching me live ..speaking to me, and being seduced deep into my web.

I am always looking for new subs who love to  A D O R E  and W O R S H I P  Me.

subs come and go but there is a LIMITED number of you who I allow closer then others and once a year , it is already a tradition ,

I like to name you in a  S P E C I A L post.


Black Book Boy Toys 



Most Loyal and Devoted , those who impressed me the most ,advanced  the most in their training, and are definitely my best boys! I am not saying perfect, there are flaws in each of them, but they are mine and I will continue to work with them to mold them to be perfect one day!

 In random order: CB ,mark, Todd, popper mike, adam, usedslut, andy

little treat for my best boys: 1 h of my time online ! Perhaps over a glass of champagne while we chat how 2013 can be even better and more fabulous ! 

Pink Book Boy Toys 


Very good boys who have served well in 2012 and pleased me on many occasions. They still require guidance and training but they are in a group higher than just a regular sub who visits me. They crave my attention, they want to serve and they know where their place is. I hpe every one of them will work towards Black Book in the future.

In random order : sab, Shawn,true,hosieryboy aka Sissy Samantha, robbie, marco r, oldidiot, Oli,stevie,andrew m,

little treat for Pink Book Boys - private sessions at discounted rates at  June-December 2013 only 50 cpm. Must be requested before session starts.


Many of others were close , many boytoys with potential , but I require your devotion and consistency , that will put you in that pink cathegory.


Read previous reports: 2011 and 2010



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Thank you for mentioning me in your pink book Mistress Lilyan. It's great honor for me to be kept around. i hope i will improve.

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