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loser sune signed a blackmail contract


I have think very long time about to be blackmailed but I have been to  
scared to do that. Then I read about Mistress Liliyan and I think about
to contact her. But I also fight to not do that becuse I know it is bad
for me to do that thing. One evening I have drink very much and I feel I
am not so afraid longer and I sign Mistress Lilyans blackmailcontract
and give her also all my infos. After I have do that I feel it is bad
for me and I try to run from it, but I have no chance becuse it is to
late. Mistress Lilyan have now all my infos and I can not do anything, I
have not longer any choice. I need to pay her every months! I need to
give up my fight and do as she say! First I try to run from this but
Mistress Lilyan is to smart for me and I have no chance to run! I am
trapped and I am helpless and my situation is hopeless! I can not do a
shit thing becuse Mistress Lilyan have me and I now need to give up my
fight and serve Mistress Lilyan and pay her every months in one year! Oh
my good, Mistress Lilyan blackmail me and I need to pay her! I am
trapped and Mistress Lilyan is very, very smart! I dont like to say it
but she is absolute to smart for me and I am afraid that Mistress Lilyan
have me for long time! I feel so stupid, but what can I do? I am
trapped and blackmailed by Mistress Lilyan!   


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