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Sissy christina: Hello Mistress Lilyan. How are You tonight? i am sissy christina. i just bought Your Yahoo ID on niteflirt, where my name is xxx. i hope You are having a nice evening. Mistress Lilyan: hello sissy , yes I am good Mistress Lilyan: how are you? Sissy christina: Good. Wifey just left for the night, so am just getting online now! Mistress Lilyan: awesome! Mistress Lilyan: Are you getting dressed too Sissy christina: well, my kids are just getting to sleep, so i have to wait a bit. then wifey's wardrobe is at my disposal Mistress Lilyan: sounds... Read more →

scotee: humping the floor like a pathetic spineless loser, begging for attention, begging to be used scotee: if i could still be as turned on (and thus manipulatable) i would beg You to castrate me scotee: god i am so pathetic Mistress Lilyan: are the signs up scotee: yes scotee: all of them scotee: even the new ones Mistress Lilyan: crawl from one to the next and read them out loud scotee: or the duplicates scotee: omg scotee: yes Goddess Mistress Lilyan: all of them scotee: yes Godddess scotee: next time You will watch me doing this and hear me... Read more →

Martin : hello miss Mistress Lilyan: hello Martin : sorry i paniced Martin : teamviewer was too intense for me Mistress Lilyan: was it Mistress Lilyan: I didnt think it was intense at all Mistress Lilyan: none of your passwords worked Martin : well its the first time i have done something like it Mistress Lilyan: did u love it or hate it Martin : can i tribute you and we forget it ever happend? Martin : both Martin : teamviewer was rly scary ,but exciting aswell, but to scary for my taste Mistress Lilyan: I am not sure I... Read more →

Miss Lilyan, please forgive me, i fell asleep early last night, but as soon as i woke up i messaged You and am sending the pics right away. my place is still a total mess but the signs have been up since the first day i moved, i had to move them every now and then because of moving things in, and i still have to put up ictures and things but all the signs are up and i even slept in the cage last night, its all ready for use and my bed isnt even set up yet hahaha!... Read more →

scotee has been seduced into a contract - 12 full months of servitude.. blackmailed or seduced..? One could wonder, maybe both, I think I seduced and brainwashed him slowly to push him into a corner where he had no choice but to sign a contract voluntarily. That's right. I had enough info on him and nothing to lose exposing it, so a smart move is to sign a contract to protect yourself. That is what I always tell my sub boys. Protect yourself with a contract is the smartest thing you can do! Because as means I seem to be... Read more →

Look at this order! this boy loves poppers :) well done mike ! **************************** Michael xxxxx Thanks for shopping with us today! The following are the details of your order. ------------------------------ ------------------------ Order Number: 2285 Date Ordered: Sunday 07 April, 2013 Detailed Invoice: Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x JUNGLE JUICE BLACK LABEL Poppers 10ml Polish Remover (JUNGLE JUICE BLACK 10ml) = $8.95 Contains Isobutyl Nitrite Bulk Price As Low As $6.55 Size 10ml Bottle SKU SVT-011 1 x ENGLISH ROYALE Poppers Polish Remover (ENGLISH ROYALE) = $10.45 Bulk Price As Low As $7.50 Contains Isobutyl Nitrite Size 10ml Bottle SKU SVT-024... Read more →

I have think very long time about to be blackmailed but I have been to scared to do that. Then I read about Mistress Liliyan and I think about to contact her. But I also fight to not do that becuse I know it is bad for me to do that thing. One evening I have drink very much and I feel I am not so afraid longer and I sign Mistress Lilyans blackmailcontract and give her also all my infos. After I have do that I feel it is bad for me and I try to run from it,... Read more →

Popper Addict: Did u like my pics yesterday? Mistress Lilyan: loved them Mistress Lilyan: tell me what happened in the booth, exactly in detail Popper Addict: I wish I liked gay sex. Popper Addict: Bit I don't. Mistress Lilyan: okay Mistress Lilyan: fair enough Popper Addict: He asked to come over several times. Popper Addict: U made me unlock the door Mistress Lilyan: yes Popper Addict: He came in and wanted me to fuck his ass and gave me a condom. Mistress Lilyan: I see, what did u say Popper Addict: Got soft as I was texting u at that... Read more →