Teamviewer with martin
Sissy christina's introduction - Peek into my Royal Email

Blackmail with scotee

 scotee: humping the floor like a pathetic spineless loser, begging for attention, begging to be used
 scotee: if i could still be as turned on (and thus manipulatable) i would beg You to castrate me
 scotee: god i am so pathetic    Brainwashed2

Mistress Lilyan: are the signs up
 scotee: yes
 scotee: all of them
 scotee: even the new ones
Mistress Lilyan: crawl from one to the next and read them out loud
 scotee: or the duplicates
 scotee: omg
 scotee: yes Goddess
Mistress Lilyan: all of them
 scotee: yes Godddess
 scotee: next time You will watch me doing this

 and hear me beg
Mistress Lilyan: yes I miss it
scotee: i need it
scotee: badly
scotee: there are over 30 in the living room
Mistress Lilyan: good
scotee: its covered
Mistress Lilyan: what are u waiting for
Mistress Lilyan: crawl all over your apartment
Mistress Lilyan: read them outloud



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