forced intoxication : dan is such an addict
financial domination update : steve paypiggy

Update on Mistress' Affairs!

OMG I am so busy these days!  I dont even know where to start with these updates so they will be random thoughts:) plus  some recent pictures.


donkee has been serving at my feet in cam sessions several times a week for a month now. in chastity , waiting for my permission to unlock, with a gag ball in his mouth. I noticed he is patient, loyal, humble. good chance to be in my black book  for 2013 if this continues.

alex serves with his open wallet at my feet regularly in cam sessions , adoring and worshipping my bare feet while I milk his wallet and make him buy more time , how fabulous! good chance to be in my black book. Obedience needs some training but that's expected in a new sub.


jim1 is supposed to write a book dedicated to me, not sure on the progress yet, will let you know.

sissy sandra has been  dressing up for me, sniffing poppers and using teamviewer , she loves my control. I enjoy the humiliation  and abuse of this messy sissy a lot . Obedience needs some training, but good chance for my pink book , maybe black.

mike  is still sniffing poppers  regularly  and  wanking to me  shopping on  his computer via teamviewer. Just check my purchased list on amazon , there is no end to his gifts. good boy, one of my BEST sniffers. He will definitely be in my black book for 2013!


Oli is back, if you read his blog , he is into forced intoxication , we did lots and lots of sessions , then he got a promotion at work, started working so much  so took a break. He is back and we will  start where we left off.. which means getting him fucked up and addicted again.

sonm is on the edge of signing a blackmail contact, he is so easily manipulated, it will be  a breeze.. planning on locking him up .. in many ways! and I will make him beg for it.

paypig steve fell in love with my gold ankle boots. Good! I will use them to milk you again and again.

popped a teamviewer cherry on a new sub Rod who has been obsessing over my twitter  then my website for several months , then finally came into my cam session . First time teamviewer was scary for him, but he managed to stay  for a while! Good info gathered, and a picture of him naked too!

drunk german has regular teamviewer sessions too.. he is so drunk and he never lasts longer than 15 min haha  scared little loser.

usedslut has been paying big $$ amounts both in cash as well as loading my mastecard. He is on a paypig contract , so he has no choice buy PAY. definitely a black book candidate for 2013.   I also love humiliating him on camera, where he turned into this pathetic old loser, so nasty and slutty some of the images are way to racy to post  here!! But  I keep them.. just in case of his disobedience. HA!

Kris keeps calling for poppers and blackmail, I actually wonder if I should block him form calling me. Hes 2 minute calls are annoying. 5 within 1 h , all under 3-4 min .. Should I block him?

Shawn is trapped in my fabulous world and his addiction to my destruction is very strong. I think I need to put him  on a contract.

davefetish is such a horny addict, I had another cam session with him, teamviewer amazon shopping  as well.. some shoes and Dior make up is coming!

hosieryboy is MIA, not good, he was so close to be in my black book for 2012! he ruined it, but there is 2013- so you better crawl back to my feet!

dam has been spending big $$$ on forced intoxication sessions recently , getting fucked up big time, not even going to work.. party  with me is so much better isn't it? Many of you would wish you could stay home and get high!  I know u do!

dan - another forced intoxication addict with a twisted mind, who knows and loves my powerful attitude, exotic accent and the way I took over his life  and marriage. Home wrecking party!


That's it for now, did not include everyone. Maybe in my next update!



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