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Do you think you are a true MONEYSLAVE? Read about my contracted slave , how it all started for him , how he started the lifestyle, how he found me and how he is commited to $1500 a month. PDF file. download and start imagining it could be you! realizing it is your destiny to become a walletslave for Mistress Lilyan what are you waiting for? Read more →

usedslut is on a moneyslave contract for 12 months , and he must send $1500 monthly whenever I demand it .. under my conrol , for my amusement . I received 3 envelopes from him recently , here is the first one with his writing assignment , I will open other enveloped later, I am too busy these days! Read more →

Make Valentines SO SOOOO SPECIAL for Me! I will be hosting an Exclusive Valentine's Day Party for my friends, and of course you are NOT invited but you MUST purchase tickets anyway, to be on my good boy list.. If you have ever contacted me, or you are a new lurker, purchase a SPECIAL VALENTINES GIFT that I hand selected on my Wish List on Amazon. That is easy! NO need to think how to please me.. Just Click and Voila!! All is sent to Me. you can also LOAD MY MASTERCARD - It is my preferred Gift! if you... Read more →

Mistress, First of all, I will write in this mail "Mistress", although I'm your slave, but I find it's better than "Madam" or "Princess", or whatever. For me and my eyes, you are a Mistress and that's why I will write Mistress. Secondary, I don't wan't to be seen by your pretty eyes as a timewaster. This is why I'll tell you the truth now : I'm not ready to serve you, yet. I'm to scared about that ! But please, let me explain why I find you so.... terrifying. I first came into your website because I was searching... Read more →

steve paypiggy has been serving on and off for a while now.. 2 years maybe.. he has several weaknesses and he knows I cater to them so well ... I know exactly what buttons to push to attack his wallet, milk him with my silk gloves on , no chance to escape until I am pleased. steve is my milking cow, I love to milk his out of his cash and set triggers in his brain that he will crave to see again and again.. work to transfer steve! Read more →

OMG I am so busy these days! I dont even know where to start with these updates so they will be random thoughts:) plus some recent pictures. donkee has been serving at my feet in cam sessions several times a week for a month now. in chastity , waiting for my permission to unlock, with a gag ball in his mouth. I noticed he is patient, loyal, humble. good chance to be in my black book for 2013 if this continues. alex serves with his open wallet at my feet regularly in cam sessions , adoring and worshipping my bare... Read more →

dan called me as I was finishing my shower , after a night of cam sessions, so I decided to pick up the call.. Love when he needs me so bad he sneaks out at night , with his wife in the other room, and calls my forced intoxication line.. and he does what he is told to do.. good boy and his candy:) Read more →

I love obedient sissies that are well trained .. sissy sandra loves to get dolled up for me while sniffing poppers..not the pretty frilly pink bows type of sissy.. she is a nasty messy dolled up one! sniffing poppers for me in her huge addiction, and since forced intoxication is one of my biggest turns ons , we both have so much fun! see sissy sniff poppers and apply lipstick below during one of our sessions. Read more →