Forced intoxication, poppers with my sissy sandra
Slave in training

Valentines Day Party! Attendance will be taken.

Make Valentines SO SOOOO SPECIAL for Me!


I will be hosting an Exclusive  Valentine's Day Party for my friends, and of course you are NOT invited but you MUST purchase tickets anyway, to be  on my good boy list..

If you have ever contacted me, or you are a new lurker, purchase a SPECIAL VALENTINES GIFT that I hand selected on my Wish List on Amazon.  That is easy! NO need to think how to please me.. Just Click and Voila!! All is sent to Me. 

you can also LOAD MY MASTERCARD - It is my preferred Gift! if you have not done it before, email me for instructions.

Gift price must ne $100 or more ( shipping not included)

Once gift is sent , you MUST email me the copy of your order to . All orders will take part in a raffle for 1 h session with me free of charge,yes I am so GENEROUS this February !

All other participants will receive an Exclusive Valentines Photo of me with dedication. So make sure I have your email! I will also take pictures of your gift and name the boy on my webiste (  you can send me a nick name you wish to use on my website if you do not have one yet) , I will also edit the sender name on my Purchased list on Amazon to let everybody know it was from you.

If you are a sub who is  or have been serving me and you do NOT PURCHASE TICKET to my party - UH OH, I would not want to be in your skin, you will be called out big time on my site..

so the decision is  yours..good boy list or disobedient bitch shame? Last day to buy your tickets and stay safe is Feb 13 2013

Remember it is a perfect occasion to impress me, I will definitely look back at This Pary Participants when collecting data for Black Book and Pink Book Awards for 2013! Don't miss your chance.





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