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Peek into my Royal Email: jim1

Peek into my Royal Email: jim1

from jim1 :

Hi Mistress Update—not sure what is happening to me. Yesterday after my training session with you I had to do some things for work and later in the evening while I was driving home out of the blue I realized that I was thinking about you. Not only that but as soon as I started thinking about you I felt a sharp pain in my cock and my balls begin to tighten.


This has never happened to me before. At first I discounted this and thought it was all just in my head but then I had to admit to myself the pain wasn’t in my head it truly was a real physical pain I was feeling in my cock and balls. I had not touched or stroked, all I had done was to think of you. Even as I am writing you now without touching I am having a similar experience, pain has started. Mistress, have I edged for you too much, too often where I have caused a true physical problem?

Did you know this would happen?

Is this just the beginning and will something else follow?

Is this what you wanted to happen?

I obviously do not understand what is happening to me. I believe Mistress Lilyan that you have been correct that regular contact with you, reading your site and blog each day, watching you on cam, worshiping you each day—staring at your photos while edging and repeating your mantra over and over, individual training sessions two or three times a week, your rules, your tasks all are taking me on a journey that you seem to be slowly gaining control over. 

All this plus somehow you are making me think about you more, wanting to please you for somereason, needing your attention, finding myself wanting to do things for you, starting to feel a need to obey you which is so strange to me—why would I feel this way, why is this feeling slowly becoming stronger.


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