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from jim1

Update--Mistress it has been 41 days now without sex or cuming. And I want you to know I have made it 40 hours without stroking, only 8 hours to go. I am not sure why you have me do the things you have me do as they are so difficult and truly painful. Last time was 24 hours and it almost killed me. But I will do it somehow. I will watch the video loop for one hour and recite my mantra over and over.


******* 48 hours. I never thought it would end. May I humbly ask that this not happen again. I thought 24 hours was bad but 48 hours was not just twice as bad it was at least 5 times harder. I am going to watch your video now and edge while reciting my mantra.


******* Thank you Mistress Lilyan, for some reason when you say you are proud of me it matters to me, not exactly sure why but it does. I like to hear those words from you. I am not trying to say I am great or anything like that; you have asked me to report to you and this time I was happy to report that I was successful. It truly was difficult and painful. This may sound strange but I actually felt the need to be with you even stronger as the 48 hours ticked by. There is so much of what you are saying, your instructions, what you are doing to me that I don't understand including why I am doing all of this with you. I am clueless in so many ways and usually I understand everything I do and think. This is all so different.


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