Brag Wall Update : drunk steve, tomiee, andy
Brag wall Update : your cash and mike

On a silver plate :Jonathon, Alessio Morrone

They submit themselves on a silver plater , right at my royal feet.

Jonathon aka Christopher


Italian moneyslave Alessio Morrone:

Hi Goddess! I'm an italian moneyslave, 26 yo, from Milan... I'm a rich loser boy slave.. I love to be blackmailed and ruined by beautiful sadic girls like you... I'm just a stinky little worm.. I deserve to be crushed.. destroyed.... I'll give you my naked pics.. I show my face too.. so you can use my pics to force me to pay... I'll be in your hands... I will have to do everything you'll order me.... or the whole world will see what a pathetic small penis piggy loser I am..... I will be your human bancomat.... I want to be ruined.. :)
start to post all my naked pics everywhere on the web.. tag me... and keep them online until I pay you... show me you are really cruel to expose the fatty small penis loser pig I am to the whole world... mock me and make people laugh of me until I will forced to pay you..! Ruin me...! I am in your hands...! I will pay you at least €200 monthly..! Force me to pay.. Scare me... make me cry....
You deserve my money more than me... start to post my naked pics, force me to pay... I want to be ruined.... destroy me, crush me like a worm.... fuck me and take all my money..  :)

Moneyslave alessio
Slave alessio2




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