Update on Mistress' Affairs!
Brag Wall Update, your cash, alan, adam

More updates on my current affrairs .popper, bija and Shawn

popper has has new year resolution to quit his addiction to my control and poppers, and he failed miserably ..he is back sniffing almost daily, he lasted maybe 1 or max 2 days without me.  yes, w e a k is how I like my boys!


recently he was sniffing at work , got so high I made him pee in his office plant ( see picture) . That's definitely a step up from peeing in a bottle I think! But neither of these compare to the places he peed for me before: his wife's closet and under his bed.. OMG

I also love taking control over his pc at work via teamviewer! turn porn on, make it really loud, taking a risk a passerby will heard these weird noises from his office.

bija is drinking daily for me, he has shared his secrets with me .. I helped him play my Royal Christmas Party Game via teamviwer. Lovely UGG slippers in baby pink for me!

Shawn has been craving my trap on a regular basis and I know exactly how to make his SINK deep , nose deep..


of course you love me Shawn, I am exactly what you need! We both know it.

ps.he did play my Royal Christmas Party Game. Good boy got me several gifts!



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This is going to be very useful for me thank you very much for posting


Popper sniffing under Master Lilyan's control is the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced.

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