Royal Christmas Party Update part 1!
Royal Christmas Party Update part 2!

Drunk Steve was punished

One of the drunks that call me  for forced intox was a bag boy.. I required him to call me once a week..or I will have to have a talk with his girlfriend, who's number he game me while we were on the phone..

Well but  know my good heart, when I have not heard from Steve in a few weeks I sent him a gentle reminder ,still nothing..

It got me upset and Steve knows last thing he wants is me to be upset

so he went to my amazon wishlist and bought me this gift:


   that is an awesome laser treatment, worth about $800 .. good  job  Steve!

but Steve wanted to be sure I am happy with him so he went over to NF and sent tributes

Tribute Tribute2

 and I have a feeling this is not all


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