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Make Valentines SO SOOOO SPECIAL for Me! I will be hosting an Exclusive Valentine's Day Party for my friends, and of course you are NOT invited but you MUST purchase tickets anyway, to be on my good boy list.. If you have ever contacted me, or you are a new lurker, purchase a SPECIAL VALENTINES GIFT that I hand selected on my Wish List on Amazon. That is easy! NO need to think how to please me.. Just Click and Voila!! All is sent to Me. you can also LOAD MY MASTERCARD - It is my preferred Gift! if you... Read more →

Sissy Sandra is so messy! she loves sniffing poppers so much, she is so addicted! It amuses me to watch how fucked up she gets and the stuff she will do for me to entertain me on camera. Yes sissy will go far ( almost as far as you can imagine) in order to amuse me.. Poppers and forced intoxication is only the basics we do.. it gets very messy and nasty at times, but not much really grosses me out.. I am very open minded , but still sissy will find things that may surprise me.. Read more →

I love this combo, getting mike sniffing his favorite poppers while I am taking charge over his computer via teamviewer.. he knows I am going to shop Amazon while he is sniffing, we call it amazon porn! haha! turns him on so much! teamviewer play is hot, but try it with poppers or another forced intoxication treatment nex time, you will love it! call me now! CLICK HERE Read more →

New boy loving poppers called yesterday morning.. Let's call him dam. What an interesting boy, we chatted and I seduced him to tell me all I needed to know to take control.. I had this boy drinking wine and sniffing poppers (rush) and take day of work to have a party with me. dam confessed his dirty fantasies, and I know he will be callling more and more, as he has a very addictive personality.. he loves my voice. dam called 4 times in the same day, sniffing and drinking, never allowed to cum! He loves to be my little... Read more →

Had a nice call with usedslut yesterday , and YES I used you can see he was ordered to load my mastercard with a $1000 , which he did ..good boy! permission to wank over your own money leaving your bank account right into my silk purse. He was not allowed to cum of course, maybe today during his cam entertaining session he will have more luck,PERHAPS! Read more →

jona is a low uk paypig , and he loves to be financially used..ordered him to buy me some silk! I love sleeping in silk... I rarely use cotton any more.. yes I am a Princess! jim1 bought this black wet look skirt as a part of his gift for Christmas. Looks good on me!jim1 is learning how to be a good slave. I have been training him for a while. Sasha picked up a garter belt for me at Victoria's Secret. Always needed accessory for a Queen of fully fashioned stockings. Read more →

davefetish enjoyed his teamviewer session while I was selecting some shoes from my wishlist. They are very sexy on my royal feet. already brought many of you to your knees when I wore them in my live cam events at the Swarovski hair piece is amazing! I uloaded a video of it on my twitter via telly, you can find it there. It sparkles amazingly and is very well made. It is a part of Royal Christmas Party Game gift from Jona. yes same Jona who sent $5000 buyout of his contract . DaveC bought UGG sequin boots, I... Read more →

from jim1 Update--Mistress it has been 41 days now without sex or cuming. And I want you to know I have made it 40 hours without stroking, only 8 hours to go. I am not sure why you have me do the things you have me do as they are so difficult and truly painful. Last time was 24 hours and it almost killed me. But I will do it somehow. I will watch the video loop for one hour and recite my mantra over and over. ******* 48 hours. I never thought it would end. May I humbly ask... Read more →

They submit themselves on a silver plater , right at my royal feet. Jonathon aka Christopher Italian moneyslave Alessio Morrone: Hi Goddess! I'm an italian moneyslave, 26 yo, from Milan... I'm a rich loser boy slave.. I love to be blackmailed and ruined by beautiful sadic girls like you... I'm just a stinky little worm.. I deserve to be crushed.. destroyed.... I'll give you my naked pics.. I show my face too.. so you can use my pics to force me to pay... I'll be in your hands... I will have to do everything you'll order me.... or the whole... Read more →

Love getting gifts, did you know that? I am all woman, and love to be spoiled. andy sent me smashbox make up from my wist- just one of the things he bought me for Christmas .. tomiee sent some body mists from Victoria's Secret, yum! I use them as room sprays and room diffusers. drunk steve bought the Benefit make up , I love it! good job boys! Read more →

from jim1: On my second day with you you told me that I was addicted to you. Each day I find myself drawn to you. Like today I was up 2 hours earlier than normal and what did I do, straight to the computer to worship you and see if you were online. It is like I am drawn to you and becoming more this way each day. I want to be as honest with you as I can; you are starting to affect my mind, my brain. And as I am sure you know you are affecting my cock,... Read more →

from jim1 : Hi Mistress Update—not sure what is happening to me. Yesterday after my training session with you I had to do some things for work and later in the evening while I was driving home out of the blue I realized that I was thinking about you. Not only that but as soon as I started thinking about you I felt a sharp pain in my cock and my balls begin to tighten. This has never happened to me before. At first I discounted this and thought it was all just in my head but then I had... Read more →

Some more sequins for me, in a sexy mini skirt, that will be a head turner I am sure! and I have to say I am proud of sasha, good boy went to Victoria's Secret then called my phone line to politely ask of he could buy me something SEXY!! bras, parfume and make up.. good job sasha!! you actually held the items in your hands, how amazing is that? Now they are in mine.. Read more →

it is an honor to send me gifts, as well as cash that I spend on items I want I love sparkle in jewelry and clothes too! I love the black sequins on this top, could not resist. and the biggest sparkle ( hard to capture in a photo) comes from the black and white diamond ring in white gold from adam. I LOVE black diamonds. One more to my fabulous collection. Read more →

popper has has new year resolution to quit his addiction to my control and poppers, and he failed miserably ..he is back sniffing almost daily, he lasted maybe 1 or max 2 days without me. yes, w e a k is how I like my boys! recently he was sniffing at work , got so high I made him pee in his office plant ( see picture) . That's definitely a step up from peeing in a bottle I think! But neither of these compare to the places he peed for me before: his wife's closet and under his bed..... Read more →

My life is busy and fabulous as always! Here is a short update about some of the happenings:) I had the December raffle going on for 2 hours private session with me, and I was overwhelmed with how many of you participated, so I decided to add 6 additional prizes! true won 2 hours, and 6 more lucky winners got 15 min sessions at super low rate! I felt generous :) I trapped serval new slaves who entered into their contracts with me.. but got scared so they paid their way to freedom .. here is $5000 from Jona JP... Read more →

One of the drunks that call me for forced intox was a bag boy.. I required him to call me once a week..or I will have to have a talk with his girlfriend, who's number he game me while we were on the phone.. Well but know my good heart, when I have not heard from Steve in a few weeks I sent him a gentle reminder ,still nothing.. It got me upset and Steve knows last thing he wants is me to be upset so he went to my amazon wishlist and bought me this gift: that is an... Read more →

This year's party was faboulous! So many of you attended and brought gifts I am touched! HAHA None of you spent less than $100 so I am very proud of you all who participated! I will be posting updates as I have time to take pictures of the items, some are still in the mail:) you bought gits on my wishlists as well as loaded my mastercard and I went shopping myself. OMG I LOVE spending your cash, it turns me on, knowing you work hard for the $$ I spend so easily.. Read more →