Brag wall update. Financial Domination
teamviewer with jonathan

Peek into my Royal Email


from sonm:

im such a weakling
a spineless pathetic excuse for a man, i was never a man
Your power over me is growing faster than i can control it, i feel like i am being consumed
please may i pay to chat with You today please?
You win, i am losing, i cant stop it
i kept dreaming how i was losing control to You, i would wake up and remind myself its only a dream and then fall back asleep and have the same dream over and over
part of me, when i woke up, said i need a break, to stop, to hide my computer and just take a break for a few days and here i am begging for more exquisite brainwashing for You
begging to be controlled, caged, begging to surrender
that little voice is getting smller and smaller as Your power grows
once i stop seeing the therapist i wont stand a chance to resist You at all

knowing what You know about my control issues and mental fragility, would You ever let me out once i am under Your control?

from jim1

Mistress I need to cum so bad!!The pain is killing me.
I find myself in need of you, I am craving you.  You are starting to affect my mind, and heart also.  You knew you have already effect my cock more than I want to admit.
Do you want me to surrender to you, is this what all your videos and your personalized training is about?  I need you so desperately, I am on fire.  When will this let up, my cock is burning, truly.  Never had this happen before.


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foot slave george

Mistress you are looking soo beautiful in red outfit. I love you very much. Please upload a pic of your divine toes in close up. I love curves of ur toe nails.

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