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My paypig usedslut misbehaved and did not follow my instructions as ordered, and I do not like that .. I expect obedience if I give you tasks and assignments. I have better things to do with my time than come up with tasks for you, that you later ingore, stupid used slut learned his lesson! The task was meant to amuse me, but it was no show, so I emailed him a penalty. He is on a contract for $1500 a month, that is what he must pay , and it does not include penalties and gifts or Royal Celebrations... Read more →

popper is so addicted to sniffing and my control he will do it anywhere! I have posted about him so many times, in so many places I lost count ... quite often he sniffs poppers at work while watching porn and being obedient little slut ! I logged into his computer to go shopping on amazon while he is sniffing greedy pig poppers and wanking under the desk , here are some screen captures for you to get inspired ! Read more →

Love opening letters and find these in! ecerytime you go shopping with your wife to the grocery store you should pick a gift card for me! HA! wouldnt that feel good? make her pay for it too! no wife? , then every time you buy groceries for yourself, you should spend equal amount on gift cards for me.. email me for acceptable gift cards Read more →

well well, Jonathan is my new victim, welcome! He was not able to resist when he googled blackmail mistress and fate lead him to me.. this pathetic UK sub has always dreamt about Polish Goddess to own and control him, so its fate he found me.. During our 90 minute session he felt excited, humiliated , used, owned and laughed at! good slave already submitted all of his information to me, including full name and address he had no choice but to play my Royal Christmas Blackmail Game! and he did.. while talking to me, we just kept adding... Read more →

from sonm: im such a weakling a spineless pathetic excuse for a man, i was never a man Your power over me is growing faster than i can control it, i feel like i am being consumed please may i pay to chat with You today please? You win, i am losing, i cant stop it i kept dreaming how i was losing control to You, i would wake up and remind myself its only a dream and then fall back asleep and have the same dream over and over part of me, when i woke up, said i need... Read more →

Used slut was so horny and weak on the phone, so happy to be used, he gladly sent $500 directly to my visa! and he did not even hear thank you from me.. au contraire he thanked me to allow him to pay! financial domination with my paypiggies is some of my favorite ways to stay entertained! so if that is your fetish, to be my money slave I have no limits in taking you beyond your limits. All levels of financial slavery are welcome, of course I prefer the extreme financial domination.. slave j had a teamviewer session with... Read more →

Special Wish List Edition Some of you are so lucky if you have a Victoria's Secret store near you.. you bring a wallet full of cash or a credit card and this list - guaranteed to make me happy! Bookmark this page , as I will be adding new items when I want something:) Once you purchase items in the store you will email me the pictures and a copy of your recepit, to Items must have tags and be brand new of course. Once I confirm you made the purchase I will reply with my PO Box ,... Read more →

Read and learn how to write a proper introduction email : Dear Mistress Lilyan, Hello from a long time admirer who has finally gotten the courage to contact You, dear Mistress Lilyan. I do not recall when I first came across Your website, but more and more I find myself drawn to Your website and Your twitter feed, eager for any insight into what is going on with You. I am a 42 year old, long time submissive male with a long and deeply ingrained lust for financial domination, feet, shoes, pantyhose and stockings, and chastity. Needless to say I... Read more →

I have been very busy as I am promoting my new site and spending more time doing webcam sessions with my fans and subs. It has been a lot of fun and got to know some of you more.. If you have not visted me there yet , here is the schedule: Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun Night about 9 PM EST to 2 am EST , sometimes I stay longer , if it is busy. Sometimes I need to cancel my night, when I have other things to do. Follow my cam twitter to keep up.. But also... Read more →

If you are a regular reader of my site you know I met robbie several years ago..and he has been in my pink book for a while, he is such a slut but still I love using this old paypig ! making him oink while I control him, his wallet gets raped and I sit here laughing on my end...the more I ignore him the more he oinks .. the more he spends the more I laugh... Financial domination via teamviewer is so much fun for both parties, him : he loves to be abused and used and laughed at..... Read more →

Guys I put a lot of effort to create one of the best sites for my followers, subs and fans and I want you to enjoy it! So my December raffle is all fun and perks for everyone who joins my newest creation When you join you get : instant access to my fabulous content ( lots of personal videos never to be seen elsewhere- it is like chatting with me! LOTS of Amazing videos of my LEGS FEET - 80 videos ( and still adding more) 120 fabulous pictures pictures ( and still adding more) The site is... Read more →