Special Wish List Edition
Brag wall update. Financial Domination

Financial domination , teamviewer update

Used slut was so horny and weak on the phone, so happy to be used, he gladly sent $500 directly to my visa! and he did not even hear thank you from me.. au contraire he thanked me to allow him to pay!

financial domination with my paypiggies is some of my favorite ways to stay entertained!

 so if that is your fetish, to be  my money slave I have no limits in taking you beyond your limits.

All levels of financial slavery are welcome, of course I prefer the extreme financial domination..

slave j had a teamviewer session with me, where we went shopping! Ahhh one of y fav ways to shop, with your credit card.. good boy..well done.. I will be posting the items in my future updates.

Ralph is my new teamviewer victim.. his trap is hanging just above his head, and I will drop it soon!

scott has been obsessing over me daily.. He has such addictive personality it is very easy to lead him on the invisible leash and make him close so clos to my trap.. seducing him in  to the poin where he will tell me everthing .His Victorias Secret order arrived.. Gorgeous!

jim1 won my december bonus video on LilyanWebcam.com cant wait to see what he has in mind..Anything is is, it will just bring him closer to me, more addicted and brainwashed..

jonathan is going to enter my blackmail contract very soon, he has no choice any more.. but even if he did.. he is so weak.. like a moth to flame..

PicMonkey Collage

shy sissy sub knows that financial serviture and savery is about sacrifices..

PicMonkey Collage2





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