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I have access to robbies computer whenever he is online.. I decided to check on him, 5 minutes ago and I found him obsessing over my website :) That sure made me smile and feel even more powerful over this paypig .. He needs me in his pathetic life, we met perhaps 4 years ago and robbie is drawn to me like moth to light..and it will never end.. he has been wallet raped by me this month big time, and I will make a big update on all of the gifts soon. Best shopping on teamviewer this month! Read more →

Jonathan has contacted me recently and and he craves teamviewer control .. I remembered him calling me about teamviewer before , and he disconnected so quick I had no chance to get any info on him, but he called back! This time I moved quicker and took a snap of his screen ... yes dear, your name,family contacts is now in Jonathan folder in my desk.. you better play my blackmail Christmas game if you want it to remain safe.. Read more →

I know how the thought of being blackmailed gets you hard and horny.. so I came up with the thrilling game to celebrate Royal Christmas 2012! This Blackmail Party is going to be on your dime! Only Blackmail bitches will attend! I love to be spoiled , and your duty is to serve and make me happy! Game part 1. Think about the information I have on you.. full name? address? phone number? work number or address? family contacts? facebook contacts? How could I expose you..think about it for a moment.. if you ever purchased my items, emailed me..chances are... Read more →

this is one of the last losers from My Royal Birthday Blackmail Game! he did not obey , and that way he consensually agreed to blackmail, and just found out I was not kidding! well done I.S. . you will think twice now before you play with Mistress Lilyan! I am for real . He is free to go, and never to contact me again.. if he does call, and wants to play blackmail again, all bets are off! I wonder if he can resist.. :) are you looking for consensual blackmail ? read more here! I still have some... Read more →

Entry 4: moneyslave shopping my wish list if you are a regular reader of my site you know that financial domination is such a turn on for me and one of my favorite fetishes. Moneslaves are so entertaining! but this one of more than just a paypiggy.. he is a loyal, devoted hypnotized slave who is going to be mine totally and with no going back very soon.. The process has started and I am programming him during out phone conversations using hypnotic set of words that make him so weak he is powerless. I have a perfect plan for... Read more →

Fab montages divided by topics , to trap anyones attention! it is a collection of addictive images I took while on my webcam , teasing and denying my subs. They are all recent, taken in last month so you have not seen them before for sure! maybe a sneak preview here and there , but not the whole collection. So what are you waiting for, start clicking and collect them ALL. you can download them and play as many times as you want , to get yourself more trapped into my web. here is a sample of a web cam... Read more →

OMG!! I have this fabulous contest going on in November! I have lots of perks ready for my winner !! Daily emails and daily pictures ( we discuss the content together - can be tease, body worship, sub training, fetish ..) for entire month of December. and JUST ADDED!!! FREE PRIVATE Session in December for the winner!! Currently the winning big is 4000 credits and winner gets 30 min FREE private show - must be my fan club member ( ) every additional 2000 credits I will add another 30 Min private show free in December! so it is well... Read more →

Entry 1: this is how we met : July 11, 2012 Royal Birthday Countdown 3 days to go! Teamviewer Yesterday I trapped a new slave marco into my teamviewer session.. oh he had 2 sessions already, 2 days in a row, the excitement is thrilling ! OMG he has so much shemale porn on his pc.. if only his facebook friends knew! I collected a lot of information , and of course since it is Birthdy Countown, he had no choice but shop for my birthday gift .. he bought me beautiful Chopard Sunglasses, and I sat here watched him... Read more →

another blackmail bitch IXXXX SXXXX

promised to blackmail Ian , if he doesnt fulfill his duties and he did not.. he pretends he is not around, but I know he is! well Ixx, soon I am going to add your photography website so when you google your name, nahh don't care what you do..your prospective customers googling your name, yes that's better! Update Nov 19 2012. Blackmailed bich paid up! Read more →

popper sniffing paypiggy is begging me to be blackmailed.. he gives out his full name in his fucked up high voice.. while I am raping his wallet on a 4th call in a row.. he just cant get enough of me! he knows from my website I am not kidding and I dont really care about ruining his life if his family finds out what a wanker and paypig he really is.. wanking to beautiful women taking his money - his financial domination fetish lead him right into my greedy hands and his money to my silken purse Listen! Download... Read more →