Endulge yourself in tease! Picture montages! MUST have them!
Consensual Blackmail piggy paid up ! Free to go?

Financial Domination paypiggy andy

Entry 4: moneyslave shopping my wish list

if you are a regular reader  of my site you know that financial domination is such a turn on for me and one of my favorite fetishes. Moneslaves are so entertaining!

but this one of more than just a paypiggy.. he is a loyal, devoted hypnotized slave who is going to be mine totally and with no going back very soon.. The process has started and I am programming him during out phone conversations using hypnotic set of words  that make him so weak he is powerless.

I have a perfect plan for him!

below you will find my Z Gallerie wish list - I love the store!!!

these are items andy paypiggy already bought  for me

002 005




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